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Give... Life's about the energy of love and purpose.

Navigate to love, purpose and joy by discovering how to use your GPS!

Please contact Bonnie at 301-515-0470 or learn more at:

GPS Energy Alignment Therapies™ 


Be well... come to your senses. You re-balance your energy by "healing with your senses". When you align with your inner life force of wellness by using your sense of sight, touch, taste, smell and hearing, you heal with your body and soul connection. There are many holistic ways to open up your chakras to balance your energy, strengthen your immune system, relieve pain, and reduce inflammation and stress. Experience and learn about what Bonnie offers as customized therapies and how her recommendations can bring about your inner healing. She integrates energy therapies with her Spa Services or individual Coaching Sessions. Contact Bonnie for more personalized information and add-on rates:

  • Sound Wave and Light Wave Therapies
  • BioMat and Far Infra Red Sauna Therapies
  • Quantum Touch Therapy with DNA Frequency Sprays
  • LaStone Massage Therapy with Quantum Touch or Reiki Healing
  • LaStone Massage Pain Relief with Transdermal Mineral Spray
  • Aromatherapy with Spa Services and Light Wave Therapies

GPS Life Energy Maps™ Coaching & Speaking


Get clear... come to "see". The world is your oyster and you are the natural gem. See with your inner vision and deeper understanding from the depths of your heart and soul, and find your inner pearls of wisdom. It's never too late to discover and live a life of joyful purpose, vital health, positive focus and well-being.

  • GPS Life Energy Maps™ Coaching, Workshops or Live Event Speaking
  • GPS Processes for Spiritual, Emotional, Physical and Mental Enhancement
  • GPS Individual, Couples and Group Coaching Sessions for Love and Harmony
  • Hand Print Analysis Soul Purpose Reading, Group Workshop & Speaking
  • Guided Meditations, Soul Letters, Journaling, Positive Affirmations and more...

Be Well... Get Clear. Live the giving energy of love.


Life is good, and we're designed for giving! To love life, we all need to share our lives with ones we love. It's important to feel like we matter to others and let others know how much they matter to us. Noticing the good, being the good and doing the good makes life better for ourselves and others. 

We are all blessed with gifts to give and there is now a greater need for giving in this world more than ever before. First, we have to believe in ourselves and give ourselves the love and appreciation that we deserve. Then, we need to fuel ourselves with positive energy so we can give our love freely.

When we give our positive energy to others, we are helping everyone with our loving purpose. We are the great "up-lifters" who are here to make a positive difference for

ourselves and others while we are here. That is the good life.

Please contact Bonnie for rates at 301-515-0470. Link:

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