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Group Learning: Amplified Experiences. Fun. Deeper Connections. LOVE!

  GPS Life Awareness Workshop Series Events:

Bonnie Patterino ~ International Best Selling Author ~ Life Energy Expert:


Life Transformation Workshops

Navigate Your Life to Vitality, Freedom and Joy!

One-On One Sessions, Groups and Large Audience Presentations

Bonnie teaches her original GPS methods to individuals and groups. Her processes, humor and unique abilities "get to the root" of what moves people to positive change.

  • IIHA Certified Hand Print Analyst & Life Purpose Coach : "Your Joyous Path to Purpose!"
  • Reiki Master & Quantum Touch Practitioner: "Energy Alignment Therapies - You Are What You EAT"
  • Licensed Esthetician & Wellness Spa Owner: "Living With Freedom and High VIBE"
  • Life Transformation Visionary & Healer: "GPS Your Path Method - Using Your Life Energy Maps"

Ongoing Guest Speaker Workshops and Events

Join us as we both lead the Silent Retreat. Limited to only 9 people!

Carol Plummer

Bonnie Gordon Patterino

Learn more about Bonnie at

Photos by: OC Always cc license

Come Hear Martin's Messages...

Limited to only 10 people!

Spirituality For Every Day Co-Presents:

Silent Retreat

Silence Yourself... Reflect & Re-connect With YOU!

Sunday half-day workshops available upon request

11:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Vows & Wows Wellness Spa

Germantown, Maryland

$119 per person. Early Bird rate $89

Give yourself quiet time, center yourself and just be.

Learn how to relax, replenish and listen to your spirit.

  • Follow various guided meditations & breathing exercises
  • Reach deeper meditative states & a sense of well-being
  • Contemplate your intentions for the day and your life
  • Enjoy energy field expansion & positive affirmations
  • Balance your life force and immune system with healing, relaxing light waves and far infra red heat therapy
  • Experience sound wave therapy for brain synchronization

For More Information, Contact Carol Plummer at 301-529-9948

Carol Plummer is CEO of Spirituality for Every Day.

She is also a Spiritual Leader and Best Selling Author,

and the Executive Managing Director of eWomen Network for Montgomery County Maryland.

Learn more about Carol at

An Afternoon With Intuitive Channel Susan Driscoll:

Martin's Messages

An Insightful Group Reading With Messages For You

Sunday two hour reading sessions forming soon.

2:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Vows & Wows Wellness Spa

Germantown, Maryland

Only $40 per person

Susan Q. Driscoll, M.A. is a practicing intuitive channel, counselor and teacher. She holds a master's degree in counseling psychology and has worked as both a career and psychosocial counselor in agency and academic environments.

Susan Driscoll

After many years of metaphysical searching and study, Susan began working with "Martin" energy in 1995. She conducts group and private channeling sessions, specializing in Akashic (past life) readings and life transition issues.

In addition to channeling Martin, Susan also channels other entities including Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Raphael, and an Extra Terrestrial known as The Commander. As a channel, she functions as a medium, having the capability to contact individuals who have transitioned to "the other side". 

Register by Calling Susan at 301-977-4536 or

email her at

Learn more about Susan at

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