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Professional Skin Analysis.  Pharmaceutical Grade.  Organic.  Proven Effective.  Long Lasting Results!

           Customized Dermo-Corrective Facials                       Targeted Medical Grade Clinical Treatments

European Facials are tailored to meet your individual needs, address specific concerns and restore optimum 

skin health. Products meet pharmaceutical standards as effective dermo-corrective skin care with proven results.

Enjoy a gentle cleansing, steaming, professional exfoliation and 

pore cleansing. Receive a soothing face, neck and a shoulder massage for relaxation and micro-circulation. A customized treatment mask is applied to improve your current skin condition:

Professional Skin Analysis & Customized Care:

  • $35 and up~ Teen Deep Cleansing/Acne Facial
  • $40 and up~ "Back Facial" Body Cleansing Treatment
  • $55 and up~ Customized European Facial
  • $55 and up~ Men's European Facial
  • $65 and up~ Aromatherapy European Facial
  • $65 and up~ Deep Cleansing/Acne Facial
  • $70 and up~ Alpha-Hydroxy Acid Peel Facial
  • $70 and up~ Deluxe Facial with Hydrating Hand Paraffin

Series of Facials for Results and Savings:
  • $150 and up~ Series of 6 AHA Peel Mini-Facials
  • $180 and up~ Series of 6 AHA Peel Mini-Facials w/ LED Lights
  • $200 and up~ Series of 4 European Facials

  • Add-on Specialty Treatment Services for Facials:
  • $10 add on~ Aromatherapy Facial Massage
  • $10 add on~ Aromatherapy Foot Massage
  • $10 add on~ AHA Peel Exfoliation (no steam exfoliation)
  • $15 add on~ LED Light Therapy (acne, pigmentation, firming)
  • $15 add on~ Exfoliation/Hydrating Hand Paraffin

Add-on Wellness Energy Therapies For ALL Facials:
  • $10 add on~ 20 - 30 min. Light or Sound Therapy
  • $10 add on~ 15 - 20 min. Bio Mat Heated Body Therapy
  • $15 add on~ 25 - 35 min. Bio Mat Heated Body Therapy
  • $10 add on~ 15 - 20 min. Far Infra Red Sauna
  • $15 add on~ 25 - 30 min. Far Infra Red Sauna

** Please Note: Base prices are set with the add on services available to customize your visit. Service menu or rates are subject to change at any time. These rates are well below commercial Spa averages. Regular clients earn 10% to 20% OFF product discounts! 

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Bonnie offers specialized medical grade clinical treatments for professional results. These anti-aging, calming, de-congesting, hydrating, firming or toning treatments are very effective! Discounted Series Rates are available. Four to six weekly treatments are recommended for best results:

GM Collin Targeted Clinical Facial Treatments:
  • $75 and up~ Hydro-Lifting Facial: Hydrating, firming the face and eye area. Deeply cleanses, moisturizes, restores and tones.
  • $75 and up~ Algomask Facial: A de-congesting calming masque that cools skin, diffuses redness and heals acne. It increases absorption by 20 times to clear and restore skin.
  • $80 and up~ Thermo-Plastic Facial: This heats the skin, traps moisture and increases the absorption by 20 times! Deep heat increases micro-circulation, oxygenation and hydration.
  • $85 and up~ Puracne Oxygen Facial: This cell rejuvenating Clinical facial works wonders for clearing acne or congested skin while hydrating and improving skin tone and firmness. Great for all types of skin because it deeply feeds oxygen and nutrients.
  • $95 and up~ Botinol Facial: Anti-aging, targeting the specific areas that Botox is used, but without injections or toxins. It has the double benefit of relaxing the muscle plus firming the skin all over the face and neck. Combats wrinkles and refreshes!
  • $95 and up~ Collagen Facial: Medically recognized to prevent and reduce the visible signs of aging and improve the overall skin condition. It firms, and smooths wrinkles at the depth of injections without needles. Anti-aging from neck to forehead.
  • $95 and up~ Sea C Spa Facial: Anti-aging concept combining 100% pure vitamin C, seaweed patches, and an organic mud masque to stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis to firm skin.

Series of GM Collin Clinical Facials for Results and Savings:
  • $280 and up~ Series of 4 Hydro-Lifting Facials
  • $280 and up~ Series of 4 Algomask Facials
  • $300 and up~ Series of 4 Thermo-Plastic Facials
  • $400 and up~ Series of 5 Oxygen Acne Facial (w/AHA)
  • $360 and up~ Series of 4 Botinol Facials
  • $450 and up~ Series of 5 Collagen Facials 
  • $360 and up~ Series of 4 Sea C Spa Facials

Keyano Clinical Facial Treatments:
  • $60 and up~ Modeling Mask Facial
  • $60 and up~ Champagne Facial
  • $60 and up~ Purifying Marine Mask Facial
  • $60 and up~ Anti-Aging Algae Mask Facial
  • $65 and up~ Manual Micro-dermabrasion Peel
  • $65 and up~ Collagen Veil Facial

Series of Keyano Clinical Facials for Results and Savings:
  • $220 and up~ Series of 4 Keyano Clinical Facials
  • $240 and up~ Series of 4 Collagen Veil Facials
  • $360 and up~ Series of 6 Micro-dermabrasion Peels
  • $420 and up~ Series of 6 Micro Peels with Collagen Veil

Add-on Specialty Treatment Service for Clinical Facials:
  • $10 add on~ Aromatherapy Foot Massage
  • $10 add on~ AHA Peel Exfoliation (recommended on some)
  • $15 add on~ LED Light Therapy (acne, pigmentation, firming)
  • $15 add on~ Exfoliation/Hydrating Hand Paraffin

Please Make Phone Appointments Only. Call Bonnie at the Appointment Line at 301-515-0470 
or email her with questions at at [email protected]