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LaStone Hot Rock Massage. Body Waxing. Body Exfoliation. Body Wraps. Light Wave Heat Therapy.

Enjoy a Spa Body Service or add them to a Facial to create a soothing Spa Package experience for yourself or to give as a gift. Bonnie has 20 years of experience as a Licensed Esthetician and knows how to create a wonderful and customized therapeutic treatment. Bonnie uses the best techniques and products to achieve professional results, increase comfort and improve your state of being. She has a skillful touch and can add aromatherapy or energy work to your session.

Facial Waxing, Lash & Brow Tinting and Body Waxing

  • $10 and up~ eyebrows, lip or chin
  • $15 and up~ under arms or cheeks
  • $20 and up~ bikini line or full bikini
  • $25 and up~ arms, stomach or half leg
  • $30 and up~ full back or chest
  • $40 and up~ full leg
  • $10 and up~ brow tinting
  • $15 and up~ lash tinting

LaStone Hot Rock Massage (Relaxation, Pain Relief & Detoxification)

  • $50 and up~ 45 minutes (may add Mineral Spray, Light Therapy or Bio Mat)
  • $65 and up~ 60 minutes (may add Mineral Spray, Light Therapy or Bio Mat)
  • $80 and up~ 75 minutes (may add Mineral Spray, Light Therapy or Bio Mat)

Spa Body Therapy (May Choose Any Add-on Wellness Therapies)

  • $20 and up~ Hand Exfoliation, Serum and Hand Paraffin Treatment
  • $35 and up~ Keyano Aromatics Mineral Salt Body Exfoliation
  • $50 and up~ Mineral Salt Scrub and Sunless Tanning Hand Application
  • $60 and up~ Mineral Salt Scrub and Hydrating Body Wrap 

Add-on Wellness Energy Therapies:

  • $10 add-on~ Transdermal Mineral Spray for Pain Relief and Detoxifying
  • $15 add on~ 20 - 30 min. Light or Sound Therapy
  • $15 add on~ 15 - 20 min. Bio Mat Heated Body Therapy
  • $20 add on~ 25 - 35 min. Bio Mat Heated Body Therapy
  • $15 add on~ 15 - 20 min. Far Infra Red Sauna
  • $20 add on~ 25 - 30 min. Far Infra Red Sauna

Bonnie is an Energy Expert with the training and ability to help re-balance your health and well-being. She has been continuing her education since she graduated from Penn State in 1985. Her rare ability to offer so many integrated therapies into her Spa offerings is unmatched. It has become her passion to "heal with the senses" and use a variety of energy work to align the chakras for health and well-being. Ask Bonnie for details about how you can further customize your visit:

  • Energy Alignment Therapies™ ~ Light, Sound, and Aromatherapy
  • Quantum Touch and Reiki Energy Healing Services
  • Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Readings
  • Life Energy Maps Coaching™ and Certified Hand Print Analysis
  • On-site Life Transformation Workshops and Speaking Events" 

While visiting for an appointment, make time to shop in her "Unique Boutique:" You will find just what you need to feel radiant and refreshed. Shop for unique wellness and bath & body products, aromatherapy oils, candles, jewelry, accessories, and much more. Bonnie will make time to assist you in choosing therapeutic essential oils, wellness therapies, or perfect colors and scents for well-being. Learn while you shop!

Enjoy the Day...

Melt Your Troubles Away!

Enjoy the "Unique Boutique"

Contact Bonnie for more information at or

Call 301-515-0470 to schedule a private Spa appointment today!

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